Placing images in Rich Text files.

I’m using DTpro and have a question about images.

If I drag and drop an image from the Finder into a rich text document, the image is placed there fine. Also works if I go into the DTpro database in the finder and drag and drop.

However, if I first import my images into a DT group, then drag an image from there into a rich text document, I just get the filename in the document.

I would prefer the latter method, so that I can organize my images within DTpro and use them in my DTpro documents.

Is what I describe the expected behavior?

Yes it is. In the latter method you described, you’re foremost dragging a record into a rich text document. Therefore DT creates a link to that record.

Good to know. I will keep my images organized in the finder!


The next release will change the behaviour - drag & drop is a tricky issue as a lot of applications (like the Dock or Cocoa’s text engine) do not yet support “promised files” (a technology introduced by Mac OS X 10.2) and therefore the next release will try to avoid using this.