Plain text files

I like creating plain text files. I have a whole bunch of them that I have created with simple note. However it occurred to me that I could use DEVONThink To Go for this purpose.

My problem is that the plain text file seems to take its “name" from the beginning of the enclosed text and there does not appear to be a way of naming the file upon creation on the iPad or iPhone

On the iPad, I select the name of the new text file and touch the right-pointing arrow to select the metadata panel.

Then place the cursor in the Name field, delete the exiting name and enter a new one. (Currently, renaming should be done before Sync to the Mac database.)


My comment above was true in an earlier version, but not in DT To Go 1.1.

I’ve been writing a lot of new notes or pasting clippings into new notes, and I got in the habit of setting them up so that a name change isn’t needed.

Text in the top line of a new note will become the title. So I type that line as the intended title. If I’m going to paste a clipping into DT To Go, I’ll risst create the new note and tytpe the title, then paste in the clipping.

Thank you for your reply. I had considered this solution however this does not work. When you try to alter the name as you have suggested both on the iPhone and the iPad I am unable to do this.

My apologies. See my edited and corrected post above.

As it was inconvenient to change the name of notes and it couldn’t be done after Sync, I developed a workflow of entering the desired document name in the top line of the document – and so didn’t notice a change in DT To Go.

Note: When a photo is imported to DT To Go from iPhoto, a dialog pops up to allow it to be titled. If that isn’t done, the name will be ‘Untitled’ and can’t be changed.

While on the subject of Names, if you send a PDF over to another app for annotation, it will appear in that other app with a ‘weird’ name. DO NOT change the name, as it will appear correctly when sent back to DT To Go if left unchanged.