Plain text font size?

Does anyone know how to resize the font used for plain text notes in the DTTG app? For example, where can I turn on support for Dynamic Type? Or just change the default size to something that doesn’t require glasses to read.

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Looks like DTTG only partially supports Settings > General Accessibility > Larger Text – some random portions of DTTG’s UI responds, most other portions do not – especially not the text composition area. Rich text notes have the font picker, though, where size can be adjusted. Is there a need to use plain vs. rich text?

Just because an application is on an OS, it doesn’t mean that it uses all the elements of the OS. (Dynamic Type is not as cut and dry to the developer as the end User thinks it would be.)

I can consider RTF as a work-around. Is there an easy way to convert 1000s of plain text notes to RTF and set the font? Thanks!

You can convert notes in the desktop DEVONthink application. Select the plain text notes and use Data > Convert > to Rich Text. You can select any number of notes and convert them all. The notes will have whatever font, face and type size that is defined as the RTF “Default” style on your machine.

Conversion does not replace the plain text versions – the new RTFs are placed side by side with the plain text documents. Nevertheless, I suggest converting smaller chunks of files – don’t jump into converting thousands of files until you’re sure you like the results of this process.

I am searching for how to adjust the font size in DTTG. Even with reading glasses, on an iPad mini, the type is almost too small to see.

The idea of converting to RTF won’t work because I’m using Markdown. It is the plain text Markdown that is too small.

This thread is old - are there any new solutions to this?


You can change the size of the plain text font in DTTG2’s Settings. There is a slider for this.

I will hunt again for it. It must be somewhat hidden.


Yes I thought it was well hidden too, that is until I found it right under my nose. There seem to be two DTTG settings, the one in iOS settings, left panel. Scroll down to DEVONthink. But that’s not the right settings. In DDTG itself, bottom of left panel. Icon on the right. Tap it, and use slider to choose font size.

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