Plain text font

We usually don’t do polls on features but as fonts are, besides of readability, also a matter of taste I’d like to as which font you’d like to see for plain text files? In the list Courier is the only mono-spaced font as there are no other mono-spaced fonts preinstalled on iOS.

Why not use the users’ default setting in DEVONthink > Preferences > Plain Text Font. If the user has chosen a font that cannot be rendered in iOS, or has never synchronized with the desktop, then for consistency use the DEVONthink desktop default. I believe that is Lucida Grande.

I agree, use the user default and if not available then revert to Lucinda Grande

You could also include your own font to get what you want. There are some nice mono-spaced fonts available (I’m partial to Inconsolata) that also have free/public domain versions available for the Mac.

With the new-world sync, the user’s default font is not transported through the sync (as it’s not part of the database and so user-specific). What would happen if user A sets the font to Lucida Grande and user B to Courier and they all sync via the same sync store?

This would be confusing, too, to set a preference on the Mac. And on the device the Settings app is not able to set fonts, except for if we’d be using a list. But in my opinion this could easily become overkill.


I’ve just checked and found out that my assumption that Lucida Grande would be available was premature. It is only there on the Mac. So I switch back to HelveticaNeue, which is the default font on iOS 4 and later.