Playing MP3 files

If I do a search for an audio file in my database, I can find the file and then click on it. However, this selection process brings up the file and plays it without any control over the playing. The progress bar at the bottom of the window the file is playing in does not seem to control the playing; I can’t stop or start it, only watch its progress.
I know I can do a Control-click to select another app to play the audio file in (like QT), but is there a way to have more control over playing audio files within DTPro?

Craig Turner

You can control click, but when you do it seems you now have 2 versions of the audio file playing, the one in DTPO and the one in iTunes, RealPlayer, etc. Definitely would like to be able to control within DTPO, and while there is a checkbox preference in media to activitate/deactivate automatic playing, it doesn’t appear to work.