Please add ability to sort custom metadata values alphabetically

Can we please add the ability to sort custom metadata values alphabetically? I have a long list of values that I keep in alphabetical order, but I have to sort it manually each time I add a new entry. Can we have the ability to sort alphabetically please?

Please be specific in your inquiries.

Are you referring to the Custom Info inspector or Preferences > Data ?

The latter - preferences/data/custom metadata. When I choose a custom metadata field, I see the list of “values” on the right. If there is a long list then it’s a hassle to have to put these in alphabetical order manually.

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If such a function is introduced, it would be helpful if it were more or less impossible to activate it unintentionally - my metadata, for example, is arranged in groups (because different metadata are relevant to different subsets of files). Arranging it alphabetically would leave me sorting it back to what it was :see_no_evil:


This would be definitely optional or applied on demand.

Yes, optional would be ideal!