Please add fast way to select multiple items

Hi everyone, is it possibile to select multiple items in list view just by moving the finger through the dots of selection? I’m asking if it’s possible to add a feature of multiple selection that is very fast, like the one of the Photos app, moving your finger along the items in edit mode and having these selected.

Hope I’m clear in my request, your work is fantastic.

Here a fan, Federico.

Currently this is not possible. We have a feature request in place but no decision has been made on it at this time.

This way to quickly select multiple items is introduced by Apple only for their own apps. As soon as they open this feature to the public we’ll, of course, support it.

Please have a look at how the developers of have implemented in-app actions on multiple selected items. Its very refined and makes for an intuitive & smooth experience.


Sorry for digging up this thread but I’m also wishing to see a better way to easily select a significant number of items.
And (instead of opening a new thread…) please, add a “Select All” feature.

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