Please Advise: Sharing database via cloud service after deprecation

I know I am a little bit late with migrating from, but until know it just worked…

I am using one database in DT2 for family documents (bills, tax and bank statements…) that I share with my wife. We both have DT2 on our Macs as well as DTTG on our iOS devices. Currently I am using my account and share the *.dtcloud folder with my wife´s account. As this will not work in the future, I am looking for alternatives.

As far as I understand I cannot share a database with someone else using iCloud Sync (iCloud Family). With Dropbox DT2 creates a “DEVONthink Packet Sync” folder under /Apps. When I try to share the *dtcloud folder underneath with my wife’s Dropbox account, I get the following message “This folder can only be shared as a link.”.

Are the only possibilities to use (1) a shared Dropbox account or (2) a self-hosted WebDAV server? Or can I grant DT2 full access to my Dropbox Account and not just the /Apps/DT… folder? Or am I overlooking an obvious solution?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Either WebDAV or a shared cloud service. Doesn’t have to be Dropbox, e.g. CloudMe should also work.

It’s a limitation of Dropbox’s API, each app can only access its own folder. This ensures of course that one app can’t abuse or destroy the data of other apps.

While I do use my own WebDAV server (on a Synology NAS) I did move from to CloudMe. Unfortunately, CloudMe is not as good (a lot of unresolved URL messages, flaky) but it does do the job.

Thank you for your answers! I decided to install Nextcloud on a spare Raspberry Pi and use WebDAV.

Interesting! Hopefully that will work out nicely. :slight_smile: