Please bring back the old scanning behavior...

I really would like to come back to the point of the dropped ExactScan-Dialog for importing documents via flatbed scanner.

It used to be simple and fast:

Got a few similar documents with multiple pages.

Before the update:

  • Select the fitting destination folder
  • Pressing the configured Import-Button
  • The scanner did an automatic preview scan
  • fix the size
  • press SCAN
  • press “Add page” for each page of the document
  • press “Finish”
  • add title and the documents date(! not neccesary the date of scanning)
  • press “Save”

After the update droped ExactScan:

  • press “digital pictures”
  • select the scanner
  • the scanner does an automatic preview
  • fix the size
  • press “Scan”
  • press “Scan” for each page
  • goto “Scans”
  • mark the pages that belong to the document
  • select “add to new document”
  • goto “Documents”
  • press “properties”
  • add a title and the destination folder
  • close “properties”
  • press “send”

This are 6 steps more than before and I’m still not able to give the imported dokument the correct date. If I import the document to DT’s inbox first and edit the metadata there I have even one step more for dragging it to its folder and still no possibility to add the correct date.

The scanning feature was the reason I paid twice the price of DTP for DTPO.
Please bring back the straight forward way DTPO used to import stuff by scanner.

Thank you for the feedback! The next release will simplify scanning by supporting the “Combine into single document” option and then all you’ll have to do is to…

  1. Open the scanner/camera window. By default the scanner should be selected if it’s the only or first device.
  2. Choose the PDF or TIFF format and enable the “Combine into single document” option (DEVONthink will remember these settings and therefore this is necessary only once)
  3. Enter the name of the document
  4. In case of a document feeder press the “Scan” button once, otherwise for each page
  5. Send the document to DEVONthink (the destination group could be either selected right before sending via the Properties panel or afterwards via e.g. drag & drop, the contextual menu or classifying).

Thank you for your reply.
I just installed v2.4.2 and found the “Combine…” option very helpful.
Although I not consider it to be a direct reaction to my post - this was fast, thanx a lot! :smiley:

Will there also come back an option for editing the created date as it existed in Exactscan? In my system this stores the paper documents date (“invoice from 1.1.2012”)

“Show in Finder”, editing with “A Better Finder Attributs”, re-import the pdf and deleting the former version is not a very practical solution…

PS: While testing I see that even the above way doesn’t work anymore.
If I change the imported original file with ABFA, DTPO won’t recognize the change even if I restart it. If I re-import it via the inbox DTPO will copy it and the copy has the reimport date as created date, the created date lays after the modified date. :confused:

Seems that DTPO has changed its behavior. Formerly it took the date from the scanning dialog and used it as created date of the pdf.
Importing of existing pdfs worked the same way: it took the created date of the imported file and left it untouched.
Now DTPO takes the created date of its own copy of the file.
But isn’t this basicaly just the moment DTPO was getting aware of it? In any case it’s neather the pdf’s creation date nor that of the scanned paper document…


We’ll definitely consider this for upcoming releases as the new scanner/camera interface is just the beginning. Future enhancements depend on feedback of course :slight_smile:

I just ran into the issues with created dates being off. I would also vote for an editable created date. I am starting a major project to scan thousands of old historical documents and store them in a DTPO database and I really need to be able to set the created date to be the date of the original document and the modified date to be the date it was scanned. Because I can’t do this now I may have to rethink the entire project and that will set us back by months or years. :sigh:

The new scanning interface is a total disaster. I’m not sure why you would take a good thing (Exact Scan interface) and totally screw it up. It now takes me 3 to 5 times as long to scan documents, not including the time it takes to re-scan documents that turn up in odd places, disappear, appear with the wrong names, restart crashed DTP. I’m now looking for an alternative to DTP because it’s become a total waste of time.

Install the Change Date script (Help > Support Assistant) and use it to ste the document date. The date scanned could be placed in the Spotlight Comments field, for example in the form, 20121014.

Bill_DeVille wrote:

That’s quite helpful. It would be even better to be able to highlight a date in a document that’s been OCRd (a bill, a bank statement, etc.), right-click the selection, and choose something like “Set Date As” (which doesn’t currently exist). This would be the date-oriented equivalent of the current “Set Title As” function.

Ugg! I’ve just discovered this change. Using a networked Brother scanner, multi- (8) page document(s) cannot be scanned. It (sometimes) feeds fine and seems to be scanning but the results in DTPro ‘Scans and Images’ show multiple (8) copies of the first page only. ??? ‘Create Single Document’ checked or unchecked has no effect. More than a few times the first page scans then the rest feed rapidly without scanning. This is behavior I’ve never witnessed before with any software and can’t begin to explain.

My suggestion is to keep working at it but PLEASE bring back the option to use the system’s scanning interface as an alternative. Not only is my previous workflow now in the toilet I can’t even begin to start a new one within the program.

Also, I love the 'Set Date As…" suggestion. Fabulous! The previous options were clunky at best. I can’t comment on how it currently works because, well, it doesn’t.