Please change this: Dragging out of the Global Inbox

It´s an old topic, but I try it again:

It would be nice and (more comfortable to use), when you change this:

Most of the time new documents are added to the global inbox. That means that most of the time I had to drag a document to another database. I often do this by dragging it.

But, simple dragging keeps the original document in the Global inbox, which means that in the end I have two copys of the document. I had to press cmd during dragging to avoid this. That’s annoying.

Although I understand that this along the Apple Guidlines for doing such things, I beg: Please change this.

Would be nice.

Just curious - is it a good thing for the DT UI to behave differently than “standard” Mac apps? (Not that DT is always consistent with “standard” Mac apps :confused: )

the question for me is: Is it useful for me.

In the Finder I have no problem with that. But this here is different, I think.

I support your request!

And I would argue with those worried about Apple Guidelines. According to my understanding databases in DTP are folders not volumes. Dragging from folder to folder on the same volume the Finder moves (and copies when opt is pressed). Only when dragging to a different volume the Finder copies (and moves when cmd is pressed).
So let’s change DTP behaviour to make it OS conform :wink:


Definitely: These are folders or something else, but not volumes.

OK. This has my vote FWIW (would then like to have CMD-drag for drag-duplicate).

I’d prefer Option-Drag for toggling a Move into a Copy (if that’s what you mean).

Thanks for your post. Has my vote, too.

I just put a post-it note on my iMac reminding me that DTPO MOVE File = Command-Drag. I can’t remember to do that. Usually I instinctively just drag to move the file from Inbox to whatever folder, then have to go back and delete the duplicate.

I agree that drag-to-move should be the default. When do I ever want a copy to remain in the Global Inbox, when it’s very purpose seems to be as a holding pattern for files awaiting a final home?



I’m constantly duplicating files because I forget they are still in there after dragging them out.

If I drag a file out of any of the other inboxes, it moves not copies. I find the global inbox behaviour inconsistent with the rest of the application regardless of whether it is or isn’t consistent with the OS.

With some compelling reasons for changing this I’d be interested in hearing any new feedback from Dtech why they won’t. I vaguely remember some data integrity issues being of concern during a previous discussion of this topic, but since Command-drag moves are now supported I don’t see why it would matter if DTPro automatically deletes after successful copying vs. doing it manually. Error handling is going to be the same, with or without using the Command key modifier to initiate a move.

I also vote for this behavior as I constantly have to press the alt key to move some entries and I never like to keep a duplicate in the global in-box.

The final release will change this.

Perfect. You hear what your Users want. Nice.

That’s excellent!