Please convince me that DevonThink is worth the learning cur


I purchased DevonThink Pro as part of a software bundle. It received excellent reviews, but based on my use so far, it seems more like a “dumping ground” for web clips and files. This is not a criticism of the software. However, I continually find myself simply searching in Spotlight for keywords related to certain articles or documents (research science).

My previous workflow on my Mac was (and still is) to save files with a file name and unique identifier (e.g. PubMed ID) in folders related to projects. For specific text notes to jot down, I find Notational Velocity and SimpleNote work great for quick notes that sync to my iPod Touch and phone.

With DevonThink, I find I am simply repeating this process, but now have the program running in the background and it is typically the top memory consumer in my process list (about 180 MB). I have not yet observed the benefit of the “artificial intelligence” creating relationships between documents.

DevonThink is great for saving a web page as a PDF directly, but only because it formats the pages much better Print Preview. For notes and to do items, these things are simply getting buried within DevonThink. Again, this is not a problem with DevonThink - I haven’t found any software application that helps me keep things from slipping through the cracks.

I am likely not thinking about the application the right way, but before I invest any more learning time into DevonThink, can others please let me know the major benefits they find with DevonThink and why it is worth the time taken to learn it?

Many thanks in advance,

Apologies if this was not the right forum for my original post. I guess I answered my own post in that devonthink appears to be overkill for what I need. Thanks.