please, don't sync indexed files automatically

Sync of indexed (and not imported) files and folders should be possible without syncing the linked files.

Reason : if you “index” big parts of your computers folders, containing also dropbox folders, and you have a regullary “dropbox sync” active, DTPO syncs the same folders that are already synced/ backuped via Dropbox. A lot of internet traffic and double diskspace wasted.

As i suggested this for the first time in a support question, i got very quickly (thx) this answer:

“Sorry but Sync does not and will not work this way. It also wouldn’t be very useful. If it just linked the index pointers, you would just end up with “Missing File:” messages when you chose them in the receiving machine. It would NOT establish a link between the Syncing machines. But since the indexed files ARE Synced to the receiving machine, you will indeed have a fully mirrored database (the point of Sync).”

But this is not true. I found a workaround to achieve my goal, and this seems to be good:

My MacBookPro syncs via “direct Sync” with a MacMini. The MacMini does obviously not receive the linked files, but only the pointers. (When i try to open a indexed document on the MacMini, it says “Missing”)

Then the MacMini syncs every day with Dropbox. As MacMinis Database doesn’t contain the linked files, this makes less traffic.

So why don’t you permit to make the same thing directly, when syncning the main Computer with Dropbox?


If indexed files aren’t syncing over Direct Connection, that’s a bug. Please report it.

  1. obviously? Not obviously, as this is a bug.

  2. …it says “Missing” So you have a database full of broken links. Sorry but that makes no sense and offers no utility that I can see (even if you were trying to do a filename search).

This is a bug and/or you have something terribly wrong with your setup (though what it is, I can’t say as Sync behaves appropriately here). Your attempt to keep this bug will also infringe on your future upgrades for fear they will fix your bug. :open_mouth: