Please Explain

First: I really love this app - or the idea of it, anyway. I am old enough to remember when people used pens and paper and carried large notebooks of ‘stuff’ around; the idea that I might carry my database on an object that fits in my pocket still boggles me.

I understand that this is a work in progress, that there are some limitations as to what it can do – I am willing to wait for improvements. As it works now, I find DTTG very useful.

HOWEVER: I am not sure I completely understand what it is supposed to be able to do.

When I create a note on my iphone and sync to my macbook, it sometimes disappears. Can notes created on my phone be synced with my mac, OR is it only possible to sync one-way: mac to phone?

As I understand it, the main purpose of the app is to be able to view my documents on my phone, not necessarily edit them. I can create new notes, but can they sync to my mac? If I edit my txt files on my phone, can those changes be synced?

My device’s global inbox is full of phantom folders and notes that have been deleted on my macbook, but reappear when I sync. Can items be deleted from the phone? I have tried deleting the phantom inbox items, but they won’t go.

I have had very few and minor sync problems, most of them solved by restarting. But syncing seems to take a long time. My sync group contains about 400 documents. Is this too many? Most of these notes and documents don’t change; I assumed that they would not have to sync every time I run the sync process, but it looks as if that is what is happening.

Yes: I did read the documentation, the getting started guide, and have browsed through these forums. Since I can’t formulate a specific question, I am not sure how to ask what I don’t understand.

Any clarification is appreciated!

Yes, you should be able to sync two-way. However, we are aware of some problems with our current sync process. We’re working on completely replacing that code. In the meantime, I’m doing my best to fix issues with the current sync to minimize the problems.

If you’re able to reproduce this, could you let me know what steps you took?

Yes, you should be able to sync new notes and changes to your Mac. As mentioned above, there may be problems, but I would appreciate knowing how to reproduce any problems you run into.

These are particular issues with the current sync. :frowning: Once an item has been synced with the Mac, you can’t delete it from the phone. One side effect of this is what you’ve noticed when you delete an item from the Mac. The phone isn’t properly notified of this change, so the item gets copied back from the phone to the Mac. This should be fixed with the new sync code (if I haven’t fixed it before then).

400 documents shouldn’t be too many, but I’ve seen issues with sync with databases of all sizes (though usually slow syncing seems to be a large database issue). It should only be syncing the documents that have changed, but if something went wrong with a previous sync, it could be resyncing everything.

What types of documents are you syncing? Do you know what the range of sizes is?

I hope this helps clarify a few things. Let me know if there’s anything else I can clear up.