Please help a noob: How do you tell when a wikilink exists?

Thank you Ursula.

Bill. Okay thanks. It took me a minute to follow what you meant, but I got it. I can be slow.

Is there an actual folder that the file is sitting in in that case, or is it like an invisible folder in the program? The imported file doesn’t appear to be in any of my group folders. It just seems to hover in the ether where it can only be seen in the list when I click below the group folders. Ideally, I’d like to be able to access the folder directly if there is a way. This behavior only seems to occur in the 3 pane view btw.

Thank you for the command click hint. It will certainly help if there isn’t a way to view the folder directly.


Unfortunately not. Here’s a discussion of the topic:

What links here?

And back in Dec 2004 I’d asked:

• Is there a way to find which documents have links in them and/or which ones have links referencing them?

Maybe DT 2.0 will have some type of “what links to what?” capabilities or at least enough hooks for third party implementation.

Reminds me of this blog post I stumbled across a couple days ago:

The Balcony » Tuesday Tip: The Ideal Groups Structure

That would be a great feature in an upcoming version.

I’m still on the early end of the learning curve, so I don’t feel I’ve got a real grasp yet of all the DTP can do.