Please help a total newbie.

I can see what it does and it has been incredible for what little I’ve managed to do so far. As you know, the bulk of the work when you’re a newbie is getting all those miles of text and tons of links, etc into it…
But… just a couple of really basic questions, if someone can help, please.
I download an interesting PDF, say, and drag it from my desktop into DEVONthink.
I then delete the one on my desktop. I still see the one I brought into DEVONthink when I check in there.
Is it really there and will it be there forever, even though the one on my desktop (and therefore I think my harddrive) is deleted?
Or do I have to keep the original of the one I dragged in somewhere else on my computer?
Second question. I save a whole load of web pages to look at later. But it turns out that the next time I need to look at them is three years later, by which time that website has shut down and that page is no longer available online. Am I screwed? Does this mean I have to save all web pages as, say, text documents, so they are always there, even if the web page dies some day?
Many thanks.
As you can see, I am very slow. Must be my age. Or small brain.

If you import the files, you can delete them, if you index them, they have to stay in your file system. Check for “indexing” and “importing” in the manual.

A web archive would keep the data, you can read it even if the web site is gone on the internet. But the web archive file format is Apple proprietary, so it may become unreadable in the future. There are several approaches to the problem, my one is to extract the text and pictures I am interested in (there are often buttons and ads you don’t really want to store) as RTF (which keeps the links alive) and file it in the proper database as soon as I clean up my inbox.

I hope you get over the first hurdles quickly and enjoy DT!


No. When you drag it from the desktop into your database you can delete the file on the desktop. It’s in your database then.

What Maria wrote is right, besides that she used the word website. You don’t save or download the whole site. JUst the page you see. There is a possibillity tto download complete websites, for this you need the download manager.

Instead of saving as rtf, you could save it as pdf, also. It’s very easy with the bookmarklet. Althoufh sometimes websites are not saved in the right manner as pdf. You have to check it.

Thank you both, that’s what I needed to know!