Please help: DA, ezproxy, proper results

Let’s do a search using:

kant husserl schlick “experiential judgment”

Using Google Scholar (in any browser, after having logged in to the
university’s off-campus-users eproxy page), I get:

Husserl and Schlick on the Logical Form of Experience - ► [PDF] - Get this article
P Livingston - Synthese, 2002 - Springer
… In particular, Husserl and Schlick broadly agreed on a single post-Kantian conception of logic as displaying the formal structure of language and knowledge and …
Cited by 3 - Related articles - Web Search - BL Direct - All 4 versions

Then, when I click on “Get this article,” my browser takes me to: … =0039-7857

Now let’s do the same search in DA (using the Google Scholar plugin). The Digest results are:

  1. experiential: Definition from
    Join the WikiAnswers Q&A community. Post a question or answer questions about “experiential” at WikiAnswers.

  2. Edmund Husserl: Biography from
    The German philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) is considered the father of phenomenology, one of the most important trends in 20th-century philosophy. In 1916…

  3. judgment: Definition, Synonyms from
    Did you mean: judgment (in religion), Judgment Day (in religion), value judgment , plural , Judgment! , The Judgment , Judgment (Magic: The Gathering), Judgment (film), Judgment (Enterprise) More…

  4. British Library Direct: Order Details
    Abstract: Over a period of several decades spanning the origin of the Vienna Circle, Schlick repeatedly attacked Husserl’s phenomenological method for its reliance on…

Well, (4) is the article I want (it’s the “Husserl and Schlick” article from the browser Google Scholar result above). [Note also that the site is NEVER searched by Google Scholar. Why is it here?] Anyway, notice the address here: nothing about Synthese-via-ezproxy. Clicking on it, I’m taken to: … ine#jmp0

Q: How can I get DA to behave properly, so that it’s Google Scholar
searches (and link-clicking) acts like Google Scholar? And how can I
get it to route the click through UT’s ezproxy?