Please implement REDO in 2.0

I know DEVONthink isn’t suppose to “be” a text editor, but many of us actually type notes into DT. A real pain is using the Styles drop-down in the ruler.

First, even if you define a style as NOT including font information, applying the style to a fully-selected paragraph KILLS all formatting and makes the whole thing regular. So you have to place your insertion point within the paragraph and use the ruler. This, I know, is Apple’s fault, since the Styles function is a ready-made Cocoa feature you’ve just included whole-cloth.

That being the case, it would be great if the REDO actually worked. Then I could just click on a paragraph and hit CMD-SHIFT-Z.

Is it too late to make REDO functional for 2.0?

I’m not sure if I understand. What precisely should Redo do that it doesn’t currently do?

Try this:

(1) Click in a paragraph.
(2) Apply a style from the Styles menu in the ruler.
(3) Click in another paragraph.
(4) Do REDO … oops, you can’t—it’s greyed out.

That’s because Redo doesn’t do what you’re talking about in any application. Redo is the opposite of Undo.

Type something. Press cmd+z and see it disappear. Now press shift+cmd+z and see it reappear.

Oops—you’re right.

I was thinking of the REPEAT command used by MS Word and other applications, which allows you to repeat the last command.

So: Please implement REPEAT in 2.0!

Mmm, that would be nice. I wonder how difficult it would be to implement. I’m guessing not easy.

An option is to use DEVONthink Pro’s rich text scripting, the menu Scripts > Format > … contains several examples. Just select some text of a rich text document and run one of those scripts.