Please implement two-way hyperlinks!

I really really would like two-way hyperlinks.
You know, when you comment on a text in Word, you get all those comments attached to a specific point in the text.
I would like to have that in DevonThink instead, with comments attached to the text. But I’d like to be able to file the comments in any category as well, so that I can keep the different comments togehter with what topic it belongs to. To make that really useful, two-way hyperlinks would be needed, to link the filed comment back to the text (and the position in the text) where it belongs.

What if there were a “tag” you could use in the little Template window, for creating a new document, that would automatically insert a link back to the document from which it was created?

Like %REFERER% or something.

So you could edit “Original.rtf”, make a word or phrase a link, click it, enter the comment, and you would already have a link back to “Original.rtf”.

Would that help, or are you looking for a more specific solution?