please improve the tab interface

The ability to open documents in tabs is extremely helpful, but could be so much better. Suggestions for basic improvements to tab interface appear to have been more or less ignored, so I’d like to reiterate those suggestions, and see if users have others (and see if you agree with mine, obviously).

  • Drag and drop reordering

  • Prevent cmd+w from closing the whole DT window when the tab bar is selected. This is annoying if you’re closing lots of tabs quickly.

  • Right-click menu on tab and tab bar with: a)‘close other tabs’ b) lock/pin tab c) undo close tab

  • Keyboard shortcut for new empty tab, or at least some way of opening a new tab/having the tab bar visible without having to select two documents to open in tabs. Currently, if you want to open two documents from different folders in tabs, before going to the second document, you have to open a random second document from the first folder in order to turn the tab view on.

  • Drop-down scrollable tab list on the right hand side (like in Firefox). Very useful when you have lots of documents open.