Please make tab focus the category tree again

In the panel brought up by the bookmark in the web browser, for tagging and categorizing a page Devon panel.png , you used to be able to focus the category tree, as well as the “Name” and “Tags” fields.

But when I upgraded to the current version of DevonThink Pro, this behavior changed, and the tab now only focus “Name” and “Tags”, forcing the use of the mouse every time I want to save a web page.

I would very much like the old behavior back.

Most windows/panels support now (Shift-)Ctrl-Tab to move the focus as Tab is used by some fields/views on their own. However, Tab is also working over here fine (without entering tags), just like in previous versions. Which version of DEVONthink & Mac OS X do you use?

You’re right, tab still focus the tree. I was fooled by the absence of visual feedback when the tree is focused.

I think that in cases nothing is selected in the tree, it would be better to select the first item, then to do nothing. (The same goes for the document list in the three pane view, that also lacks any visual clue that it has been selected whey you ctrl-tab to it.)

Still, function is there, so thank you for helping me realize that.