Please re-introduce the ability to save html!

Christian and Eric (and Bill),

I brought up this topic a couple of months ago but never received a reply from the developers.

Is it possible to re-introduce the possibilty to save straight html code rather than web archives?

When comparing saved html pages WITHOUT GRAPHICS to pages saved in the new format I’m continually amazed at how much larger a graphic-less web archive is compared to the same document saved either as html (pre web archive format) or as rtf. Of course web archives are very handy when one needs to preserve an entire page including graphics but to be honest I don’t see the advantage when considering the file size trade-off (especially when one saves large numbers of graphic-less pages).

I’m also surprised that no one else has noticed the difference and asked about it.

Is is not possible to offer the user a choice between the two formats?


– Paul Perry


I suspect that you are asking about the HTML option in the Services menu. I’ll check with the developers about that.

If you are using the DT Pro public beta, there’s an included Safari script that will let you capture the HTML of the page that’s frontmost in Safari.

If you are using DT Personal, here are a couple of interim workarounds:

[1] Capture as a Web Archive. In DT, view the Web Archive, click in its background, Control-click and select Capture Page. Then delete the Web Archive.

[2] Import the Safari bookmarks to DT. For bookmarked pages, you can now Control-click and choose between Page (HTML), Web Archive and Note (rich text) capture mode.

Hi Bill,

thanks for your quick reply and work-arounds. I’m still using DT Personal (I decided to wait for the final release of Pro before upgrading).

In respect to your first point – I wasn’t specifically thinking of the Services menu – what I’d love to have is the option to capture a page in the DT browser (via control-click) either as a web archive or html, in other words exactly as you describe work-around number 2 with Safari bookmarks. (Is there any possibility of importing a single Safari bookmark to try this or would I have to import ALL of my safari bookmarks?)

Concerning work-around number 1 – I’ve just tried to re-capture a web archive (via control-click in the archive’s background as per your instructions) but the DT info panel reports that the new capture is also a web archive. Any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks and kind regards,

– Paul