Pls enable "Insert -> Item Link" dialogue in RTF custom metadata fields


I’m using RTF custom metadata fields a lot to add cross-links to other documents and notes.

So now I wanted to use the practical Insert->Item Link menu to streamline the workflow. However, while it works in the Annotations field, it is greyed out in the menu when I try to access it from within custom metadata RTF fields. The keyboard shortcut also doesn’t respond.

Could this perhaps be enabled? It would help to streamline the workflow for anyone adding links to these fields.

The request is noted but realize it’s the only one of its kind.

Alright, that’s fine. I was hoping it’s a quick win since this is already available for RTF-based Annotations

Which Annotations field actually? In the Annotations & Reminders inspector it’s not possible either.

@cgrunenberg I’ve created a quick screen video to make it more clear, what I mean here.

Screen (5.0 MB)

Thank you! The next release will support this.

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