Plug-in documentation

Where is the plug-in documentation? It’s not in the Help menu; the manual says it’s available on-line but there’s no URL or further detail, and using DEVONAgent itself to search for “devonagent plug-in documentation” links to spam forum posts: … devonagent

and a French site from 2006

Those were my first two hits. No joke.

It’s in the built-in Help, under Documentation > Plugin Development. It’s also in the manual ( … nuals.html

Thanks. I see what happened - I was searching for the spelling “Plug-In” as in the in-app menu Web > Enable Plug-Ins – which only hits in one paragraph of the manual, not the spelling “Plugin” as in the in-app menu Window > Plugins and scanners. Same happened in searching the in-app help. I realize this may be a bit of an edge case, but consistency in UI and documentation would help users.