Plugin incompatibility with Mail 4.1

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and performed a software update to 10.6.1 including Mail 4.1. When I did, I received an “error” stating that incompatible plugins were disabled and to contact the manufacturer for compatible versions.
Screen shot 2009-09-23 at 6.48.11 PM.png

Is there an update for this?

That message will probably pop up each time you install a new update of Snow Leopard.

If your computer has Core 2 Duo CPU (as opposed to Core Duo), choose Help > Install Add-ons and the Mail plugin will be installed and will work.

If you have a Core Duo CPU, it’s trickier.

See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9190&start=20

I have a Core Duo. If I understood the thread, at this time the Mail Plug-in can’t be used. The next release “should” fix this however?


I hope I didn’t impugn your programming prowess Annard!! :open_mouth:

I always look forward to the updates!