Plugin Timeout Adjustment

Recently I created a plugin for an internal (meaning VPN) work wiki and when I tested it I noticed that it failed pretty much all the time. I double checked my search string and I’ve seem to have it working correctly…copy and paste it into the browser and all is good.

It seems at this point the culprit is due to the 60 second timeout that’s built into DevonAgent (I’m currently using 3.0b2), is there a way to modify timeout on a per plugin basis?

If you can’t do it per plugin does anyone know a way to adjust it globally?

Just as a side note I’ve tried paring down my search string but that still doesn’t seem to get it succeed so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It’s currently not possible to modify the timeout. Does the internal work wiki really require more time than 60 seconds? Did you try to reduce the number of concurrent connections (see Preferences > Search)?

Actually it does require more then 60 seconds for the site to execute/respond with results, the site doesn’t provide range based results (i.e. Next 10, etc) so I could get hundreds of matches in a single query.

In my case it’s taking longer then 60 seconds to get the initial results so I don’t believe increasing/decreasing concurrent connections will work since DA hasn’t even gotten a response.

Since posting it I’ve tried a couple of different work around one was to try and compartmentalize my search to sub-sections of the site which still exceeded 60 seconds. My second attempt was to try searching only the body text of the in that sub-section which again exceeded 60 seconds. My last attempt which DID work (although not nearly as useful) was to search only the Topic name which is obviously WAAAY less valuable since typically I’m looking for multiple keywords in conjunction to one another.

This would be a really useful feature to add timeouts on a per plugin basis, that way for this one problem site I could extend the timeout but leave standard sites like Bing and Google just the way they are.

Thanks for the response.

Please send an email to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll send you a build supporting this next week.