Poll: Do you use a document scanner?

Just our of curiosity (and for reasons of marketing, statistics, and the overall well-being of our civilisation :slight_smile: ), I’d be highly interested to hear if you use DEVONthink Pro Office together with a document scanner such as the ScanSnap or the Avision range?

Yes-scansnap by fujistsu

i actually got the scansnap first. the need for a db to store scanned documents lead me to buy dt.

scansnap by fujistsu

Yes, a Fujitsu Scansnap. Love it in combo with DTPO. It’s truly transformational.

Bought it after picking up DTPO. Fujitsu should market you guys…

Just bought two IRIS Scan 2 Express scanners, one for work and one for home. Will move the text I digitize with them (they provide OCR) directly into DTP. Would probably upgrade to DTPO if there was integration between the two.

Have you tried to set them up in such a way that they “open” finished scans in DEVONthink Pro Office? This should directly import them.

Thank you all for replying and taking part in the survey!

Yes, Fujitsu ScanSnap (undoubtedly the best little gadget I’ve bought in the past five years). It does exactly what it says on the box, is fast, accurate and relatively trouble-free in the paper-feed department.

I’m using a ScanSnap 510M. But I’m using Acrobat to OCR and save the documents… the files it generates are (or were) like 1/5 the size that DT Pro Office generated, when I tried it ~8 months ago.

I have recently purchased the new Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M and I find it does everything the larger model can do. I bought mine for travelling, with the larger ScanSnap remaining at home, but I would say that the S300M is a good all rounder if portability is ever required. The S300M works in exactly the same way as the desktop model and the paper handling is excellent for such a small machine.

Could we add the S300M to the voting list?

We cannot change the list as this would clear all results. So we simply count all ScanSnap models as a “ScanSnap”.

Just used my Snapscan S510M for the first time today. It was a religious experience. I had the folder from a conference I’d attended, with 1 page of information on each speaker and attendee. It took me, maybe, 30 minutes to scan the 240 pages in several batches. I can now easily find these folks when I’m looking for experts on, say, Japan and venture capital.

It’s not perfect. The files are named things like “2008_08_01_17_32_01”, but since I can also search by the name in the file, who cares? Also, there are some speakers who had multiple pages of information, which are now in separate files. But, those files are sequential, so it’s easy to piece together.


Tip: You can merge PDF documents in Acrobat (which is rather expensive) or in Leopard’s Preview, which comes with OS X.

To merge in Preview, open both files, with the page icons showing in the slideout. Drag a page icon from one file to the other, then save the modified PDF file. To view the modified file in your DTPO database, select it and choose File > Synchronize.

I use a Brother 7820N all in one and have had very limited success with the Devon Pro product so far. Lineart documents come out as black pages with white letters…the scanning process is very slow at best. I am considering the fujitsu but really don’t want to spend the money only to find out that the Devon pro doesn’t really work like I want it too.

The current support for other scanners is pretty weak.

We’re using the industry-strength ExactScan Capture software for connecting to scanners that don’t come with an Image Capture compliant driver. However, all drivers are different, unfortunately, and TWAIN is a weak standard. Have you emailed us regarding this problem? We cannot test with every scanner out there but when you contact us, we’ll relay that to the ExactScan team and they will try to solve it.