Poor scrolling performance in document grid accessed by pressing the number bubble

The scrolling feels stuttering even on iPad Pro. :sweat_smile:

Welcome @MechanicalPoet

There’s not enough information to assess this.
Scrolling what - a PDF, the item list,…?
If a PDF, how big or how many pages?
If the item list, how many items are in the group you’re scrolling?
If it’s the item list, is it the file list view or the Grid View?

I said in the grid in title. Please read it again.

Strange… I had a truncated view only showing the first three words of the subject.

How many items are in the group you’re scrolling through?

About 120 items. But the stuttering started as soon as they filled more than a page.

Any particular types of documents making up the majority of the file types?

A mix of PDFs and bookmarks

Thanks. We will look into it and see if it’s reproducible here.