Poor search behaviour

When I clear the search box on the DT window why does it clear the contents of the window. For example - I enter a term in the search box and then browse the results to find the item I’m interested in (usually a pdf). I then clear the search box because I want to view the document at a larger size on screen and I don’t need the list of search results anymore. This however clears the currently displayed contents of the window!!! Could we please have this changed. Having found what I want, I would like to continue working with it. Instead I have to add the following steps. I have to choose the Reveal command. Even that wouldn’t be so bad. But even then the document is cleared from the screen and I have to click on it yet again to get back to it and if I’ve changed the page then I have to find the page again. This is frustrating behaviour - the application should retain the document I have chosen to view and not arbitrarily clear it from the screen.

Double-click opens the document in a window of its own.

I like the behavior the way it is. Perhaps what we need is shortcuts that would reveal or open a document and remove the find results at the same time, say option-command-r and option-double-click.

I recommend using the Tools > Search window for a variety of reasons. The problems noted above are not raised, and the search setup is clearly visible so that unintended results are less likely to happen.

Yes! I’ve long been frustrating having to use Reveal (command-R) to redisplay content of a selected item that temporarily disappears from view after closing the toolbar search when I want it to remain in view 99% of the time.

I prefer minimizing mousing by using command-O.

Yep, something to provide that functionality gets my vote.

I frequently don’t want to use the full Search window, for a variety of reasons. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion tvillemw but I don’t want to open the document in another window. Thanks also for your suggestion Bill, it looks like that is the route I will have to go for now.

I do however want to say that I think this feature should be fixed. In other words when the search is cleared the selected document remains displayed. I also realise that this probably means that when you select a document in the results list that it is also automatically revealed and I want to make it clear that in my view that is ideal behaviour, which is standard in most applications. An alternative would be that when the seach is cleared the last selected document remains selected and is also revealed. That would also be fine.

As a programmer myself I want to say that I believe that this issue should be very simple to fix as all the necessary functionality is already present in the application.

Here’s an example to demonstrate undesirable and/or buggy behavior (IMO) using the top group in Vertical Split view as the starting point:

• option-command-F to select toolbar search box
• enter search text that matches item(s)
• tab, down-arrow(s) to select an item and display its content in view pane
• command-R to reveal (and select) item in source pane
• click ‘x’ in toolbar search box to “clear” it

At that point content in the view pane is replaced with No Selection text and the selected item is greyed in the source pane; that’s undesirable for me. Input focus is in empty toolbar search box.

• tab key selects correct item in source pane but view pane still displays No Selection; that seems like a bug to me
• command-R (Reveal) before or after using tab key properly selects item and displays its content

The two issues are:

  1. content disappearing when the toolbar search box is cleared and the item has a “phantom” selection
  2. tab-selected item doesn’t redisplay its content

Hopefully that summary is helpful for understanding how toolbar searching, item selection, and content viewing might be improved.