Pop-up list of folder contents for single-document windows

Double-clicking on a document opens a window for a single document. In the toolbar there is an optional four-button icon called “Go To Document,” with left and right arrows suitable for browsing through a list. The trouble is you can’t see the list, so you don’t know where you are in it. Suggestion: clicking and holding on either arrow should bring up a pop-up listing of the documents in that folder, so you can jump to the one you want.

A history list would be nice, indeed. I subscribe this request.

Customize the Toolbar in the document window and add the icons named First, Previous, Next, Last. Those will let you “walk” through the documents in the containing group.

To see that group and its contents in a view window, press “Command-R”, the Reveal command.

Suggestion 1 doesn’t do anything that the four-button icon doesn’t do.

Suggestion 2 defeats the purpose of having a small, stand-alone document window – for example, to listen to music in.

Pop-up list, as I suggest, lets you see and/or jump to other documents in the same folder, without having to go back to folder view.