Pop-up menu of keyboard shortcuts

A useful tip if (a) you use a BetterTouchTool, and (b) like me, you have difficulty remembering all the keyboard shortcuts that you have set for scripts and menu items in DEVONthink:

assign your keyboard shortcuts to the same gesture in BetterTouchTool, and the gesture will then invoke a pop-up menu with descriptions for the shortcuts that you set in BTT. You can then trigger the action associated with the shortcut from the menu, or simply use it to remind yourself of the shortcuts available.

Note: the gesture can be set to be global or specific to DEVONthink/agent.

Apologies if this is well-known, but it was new to me.

I did not know that. Thank you! A similar effect is possible with Keyboard Maestro – macros assigned the same shortcut cause a window to open from which you can pick the macro action to perform. (Thanks to Greg Jones for the KM tip.)

These two can be combined. The BTT tip from @khw and the KM tip from Greg Jones – so the KM menu is one of the options on the BTT menu.

Thanks to both OP and korm >> interesting idea this, worth looking at!