PopClip and Smart Rules

As an avid PopClip user, I’m happy to see there is a PopClip extension for DEVONthink 3.
Adding stuff works just fine.

I was wondering if the by PopClip added entry in DEVONthink could be uniquely identified using Smart Rules, so that I could act on them.

I’ve been looking at the properties and other things, but I did not find something indicating the “source” was PopClip…

Any idea’s?

There is no such metadata applied via PopClip. It may be possible to implement something but I can’t say for sure at this time.

You could, for example, expand the PopClip and make it add a PopClip tag of some kind.

But the question is: Why should that be useful? PopClip can be used in any app that allows to highlight text. So the source of the text would be that app—which might be an information worth keeping—and not PopClip which is just the tool to transport the content into DEVONthink.

Asks another avid PopClip user.

Expanding the PopClip, that would be nice. Not sure how to do that though.

Reason I asked: I’m contemplating wether to replace all but one of my Hazel rules with Smart Rules.
The one Hazel rule left would be “add to DEVONthink”.

PopClip would be used to “clip all things while I’m researching”. So this could be anything.
Hazel only adds files, but PopClip could do that as well.
I want to keep the researching stuff together.

A PopClip/Hazel workaround could be that Hazel adds all stuff to a Hazel group, and I could add my current Hazel scripts as Smart Rules there.

And PopClip adds stuff to Inbox, and I leave my Inbox free of Smart Rules…

All this also raises the question if it is a good idea to add over hundred of Smart Rules in DT3. That’s how many Hazel rules I have today… It does a rather granular filing of a lot of documents…
Smart Rules can not be grouped (I think). So that would make a very long list…

You could add to different groups by using PopClip modifiers. Your Smart Rules could then act on these different groups.

This won’t work with the default DEVONthink PopClip Extension. You would need a custom AppleScript and the RTF clipping result won’t be exactly the same as with the default extension.