Popclip DEVONthink clipper

<removed; DT published its own version of my concept>

ZIP link isn’t working, korm.


Wow. I’m going to have to see if we can embolden those links. It’s pretty subtle (and not your fault). Thanks.


Thanks for the edit, korm. (PS: But I like the greenery.) ;^)

This is a very useful extension that works exactly as advertised. Being able to select a destination folder for the clip is a nice touch. Thank you, Korm.


It does not work and does not install. It should end with a z. But still does not install. Please tell us how to install it.
Thank you.


Thank you for your answer (not very polite).

  1. I have a Mac (does Devon run on a Win???)
  2. I have PopClip (1.4.4)
  3. Pop clip accepts extensions that end with popclipextz (with a z at the end) [From their homepage: Make sure you are running PopClip version 1.4.4 or higher. Download the extension from the list above, then look in your Downloads folder to find the .popclipextz file then double-click it.]
  4. Your extension does not work or install.

Thank you


Thank you for your answer.
The extension stil does not work. Here is the dialog I get:

The path /Users/XXXX/Downloads/DEVONthink.popclipextz does not contain a valid PopClip extension.

Reason: Failed to unzip extension.

Should the extension be on a particular path?
Sorry to bother you, but I am trying to help.
Have a nice day.


Just to confirm… I clicked to download the ZIP and decompressed. Following the subfolders to the “DT-Popclip-master” folder I double-clicked on the DEVONthink.popclipext (as is, no appending a “z”) and PopClip launched and asked if I wanted to install this.