Portable Home Directories damaging databases

Has anyone else attempted to use Mac OSX Server Portable Home Directories with DEVONthink? I am attempting to sync two computers with a 10.6.2 server, and most files work well.

With my DTPO databases, though, it will sync fine initially, but subsequent syncs will throw a message in the console

0:: [10/02/28 09:19:26.356] -[SPeer(protected) updateVersionsForJob:]: unable to find source node for “Documents/DTPO/Work stuff.dtBase2/Files.noindex/htm/7/Blackblot_PMTK_Commercial_40.htm”

At which point, the sync process will delete all files it can’t find a source node for. And I go back to Time Machine…

Has anyone gotten this to work?

I’ve done some more experimenting, and I think that Portable Home Directories does not play well with Unison, and that’s what was causing my problems.

I had been using Unison to sync files between the PHD computer and one I hadn’t yet put PHD on. That had been working well for a year or so before I turned on PHD. When I stopped using Unison and got all the computers using PHD, after one round of “pull the databases from time machine” things have been completely stable ever since.

Not sure what Portable Home Directories key off to determine changes, but it wasn’t liking Unison.

Looks like I spoke too soon.

If I turn on “Server Side Tracking for Mobile Home Directories” I get the error I saw above and files get deleted from the mobile home. If I turn it back off, the files come back. The files aren’t deleted from the server, just the client.

Seems like it’s a clear bug. Wonder if the upcoming 10.6.3 will fix it.