Possibility of file corruption?

Just curious as to if there is any possibility that Devonthink beta could be causing data corruption in some of the files in the database?

I use DT Pro primarily as a repository for Excel xlsx files for work. Prior to using DT, I haven’t experienced any damaged files. However, a few times DT crashed and the file I was working on could no longer be opened in Excel. I get a “The file might have been damaged or modified from its original format.”

I’m not sure what is causing it but since it started happening since I adopted the DT beta, I wanted to confirm whether there was any chance at all it could be DT before I moved on to other possible causes?

I’m not aware of any way DT 2 could cause problems with your Excel files, unless a crash occurred as data was being written to disk.

But in any case your DEVONthink application should not be crashing.

Suggestion: Please attach a DT 2 crash report to a message to Support, with a brief description of what’s happened. The crash report may be found in the Console application (Applications > Utilities) under LOG FILES > ~/Library/Logs/ > CrashReporter.

Sounds good. Thanks Bill. I’ll send a crash report next time.