Possibility of moving from a Mac to a PC

I’m sure this topic has been covered before, but can’t find it.
With the large increase in the costs of Macs in the UK I may move over to a PC in the future. I realise there is no Windows version of Devonthink, so how would I extract all my documents, folders etc from my devonthink databases for transporting over to Windows?

You select some, or all, or your groups in your database. With File > Export > Files and Folders you can export an exact copy of the group hierarchy and documents to a destination your choose. Make sure the destination has sufficient space to receive the export.

If you export Smart Groups, you will get folders in the destination but no contents – Smart Groups have no contents until they are clicked and viewed so there is nothing to export. If you export replicants you will get duplicates. If you have files that contain DEVONthink item links (e.g., an RTF with links to other documents in DEVONthink) those links will not work on Windows – or anywhere else where DEVONthink and your database are not located. If you export anything in the Tags group you will get ordinary folders and copies of the documents. All your exported folders will contain a file named DEVONtech_storage which can be deleted since those files are only used if you re-import the exported folders and files into DEVONthink – Windows won’t have any use for those files.

Via File > Export > As Files & Folders… however, you will probably lose metadata like tags or Spotlight comments.