Possible bug navigating back to summarized Annotations?

One of the most powerful features of DT3 for me is Summarize Annotations (to rich text). I use it after marking up collections of pdfs.

When I am reviewing the rich text file of summarized annotations (from multiple PDFs in a folder), I love that I can click directly into the pdf by using the page link above the highlight in the summary. But after reviewing the highlight in context, when I use the back arrow at the top left of the document window, I am returned to a much earlier location in the Summary document, which really throws off my writing workflow. This happens even if I click the cursor into the summary rtf document at the highlight location before I click the link

If this is a bug that can be fixed, that would be great, otherwise is there a better way to jump back and forth? Thanks!

Development would have to assess this behavior.

So far I couldn’t reproduce this, a screenshot before/after clicking and after going back (or even better a screen recording) would be great, In addition, which version of DEVONthink & macOS do you use? Thanks!

Thanks for checking! Attaching a screen recording. 2 unexpected behaviors: the back button doesn’t initially take me back to the Summarize Annotations rtf, but rather navigates to previous pdf pages in the linked document first.

Then when I do land back in the Summary I’m not where I was. In this video it’s only about a page higher but sometimes it’s several pages up that I’m returned to. This happens whether I have “clicked the cursor” into the location near the link, or not.

Sorry about the zip but there seems to be a size limit to uploads, happy to email or file share if preferred.
Recording.mov.zip (5.8 MB)

I noticed this too and the next release will fix this but I couldn’t reproduce the other issue. Which version of DEVONthink & macOS do you use?

Thanks! I’m away from my computer but it’s latest version of DT3 and latest Sonoma.

Any chance that you could send me the used PDF via PM?