Possible iCloud Support with iOS 11?

Hi all,

I was wondering, are there any iCloud API changes with iOS11 so that DTTG2 iCloud sync might become possible?

This would be great since I am holding on to my paid Dropbox account solely for DEVONthink sync.

Best regards!

I just wanted to look for any information why there is no iCloud support on iOS devices, but on the Mac I can acitvate iCloud, this doesn’t make sense. Hope really they include iCloud support on iOS as well soon…

iCloud support on the Mac lets you sync between macs. iOS devices don’t support iCloud syncing in DT because Apple doesn’t provide the needed API functions that DTTG needs to support syncing between macs and iOS devices. This is why many other apps (like those from Omni) provide their own clouds for syncing. it has to do with how complex the data files are (and how dynamic they are).

DT is juggling many balls at the same time. syncing is more complex.

yLen asked whether iOS 11 would include changes making iCloud sync possible. It isn’t clear whether you’ve really responded to the question.

Nothing has changed in iOS 11 that makes it feasible at this point.

Syncing is more complex?!?! Ok, first thing, I absolutely love my DTPro Office Suite and Devonsphere Express. That said, the possibility of actually getting my database onto any iOS device regardless of iOS version has been an arduous rarely successful battle. It is by far the most sensitive sync protocol I’ve ever encountered. If you so much as sneeze at the iPad pfffft ‘nothing’ transferred! An easy, basic, should have been available from the start, solution would be the hardwire usb cable/usb, but no. Multiple sync stores and not a single freakin one of them is close to functional.

I respect the spinning plates that DT is working on with their AI and classification and etc. But something this basic (ie easily upload to dropbox, then easily download from dropbox) is something that could have been copy pasted from other developer’s apps. sorry, don’t think they have much of an excuse for charging $15 for an app that has such a crappy sync set-up.

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