Possible to add an additional column in 3-pane view?

I’m a beginner setting up my databases. Assume I’m looking at a group of documents in the 3-pane view. In the upper-right pane, of course, I see the list of docs in this particular group. For my purposes, the only columns I want to see in that list are “Name,” “Comment,” and “Kind.” So, by going to View/Columns, I’ve reduced the columns to just those three. My question is:
Is it possible to add another column in which I’m free to enter whatever information I want for any given document. That is, it would be a kind of second “Comment” column. I’d appreciate any advice.

No, I think not, you just can add additional text in the comment field by clicking it once. But I’m not sure.

Hope this helps

Thanks – I think you’re right, and I think it’ll work out all right.