Possible to add note/comment when creating bookmark from Saf

I use the bookmarklets to import bookmarks, web archives and PDFs from Safari. I’m wondering if there’s a way to add a note or comment to these items in DTPO as I do this?

Have you tried the ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ bookmarklet? It allows you to add a comment to any item added via the bookmarklet and, depending on your import preference, select where you want the item imported. I’ve removed all the other DTP bookmarklets from my bookmarks bar as this one does it all.

That’s what I was looking for! Thanks.

It’s a bit slower and more cumbersome than the other bookmarklets, but it does the job.

Can you add a note to a bookmark that has already been clipped to Devon?

Click any document (including a clipped bookmark), open the Tools > Show Info… panel. Add your note at the bottom of the panel in the “Spotlight Comments” section. That’s the same place where DEVONthink’s clipper puts the comment when you clip a bookmark.

Thanks Korm,
You think after three years of using this program I should’ve already known that.

Is the “show Info spotlight comments” still the only way to add a note to a database entry?


Yes – if you want the comment added to the database entry (and the file in the file system).

You could, of course, create annotations – which are separate files linked to the database item.

You’ll notice in Tools > Show Properties that for some document types (esp. PDF) there is a “comment” property. That’s not directly editable by DEVONthink, but some external editors, such as Acrobat, will edit it. It’s more of a special-purpose aspect of some files, and probably not what you want.