Possible to change a group (folder) permissions to read only so the folder (not the files) wont be able to be deleted?

Hi all

im trying to find if its possible to change a group (folder) permissions to read only?

I want to be able to move files into and out of the folders (via automations) but make sure the folder (not the files) wont ever get deleted

is there such a thing?



Locking prevents deleting but e.g. not renaming, moving or trashing. Unless the alert when emptying the trash is explicitly confirmed and locked items should be deleted too.

thx! I did try to mark as locked but that didn’t prevent deletion? how do you lock a folder then from Devonthink? searching the help file didn’t reveal anything

thx again


This doesn’t prevent trashing but the actual deletion (when emptying the trash).

I see is there anyway to prevent both (trashing and deletion)?


May I ask what your concern is with deleting the group? Are you letting others run this computer?

No really concern just wondering about that @BLUEFROG

thank you all


Understood :slight_smile: