Possible to change appearance if all instances are in the trash

Is it possible to change the appearance of an item in the trash if there are no more replicants in the database (i.e., if the original document is in the trash versus only a replicant)? Right now, some items in the trash appear red/italicized and some are not, but this does not seem to be associated with whether there are replicants still in the database (I confirmed that some items that look normal in the trash still do have replicants in the database). Adding this feature would help me a lot. I have been using DT for over a decade, but every time I think I understand how to avoid deleting all instances of a file, I seem to find a new case I didn’t expect, or forget about one of the cases. These cases often make sense after I understand them, but won’t follow my original intuition and don’t all come up very often, so I easily forget. As a result, I have a general lack of confidence about whether I am deleting important files or not, which detracts from the utility of the program. If it was obvious in the trash when I was deleting all instances of a file, I would feel much more confident. I would also get immediate signals if I have forgotten a rule, and so would learn the rules faster (right now, I often find a key document is missing long after I made the misstep, and I don’t know what I did wrong).


Thank you for the suggestion! What kind of appearance do you have in mind? Certain colors (red, blue, grey) and styles (bold, italics, underlined) are already used.


Not really appealing but would make sense, thanks!

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And the next release will add this.


Grayed out, like empty group, would be more appropriate, IMHO

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@samrose, while you wait for this feature, you may as well appoint to this short script a comfortable shortcut (e.g. with Keyboard Maestro or FastScripts - to you liking):

tell application id "DNtp"
		set theRecords to selected records
		if (count theRecords) ≠ 1 then error "Please select one record"
		set theRecord to item 1 of theRecords
		set theReps to parents of theRecord
		set search results of viewer window 1 to theReps
	on error error_message number error_number
		if the error_number is not -128 then display alert "DEVONthink" message error_message as warning
	end try
end tell

It’ll list all reps locations in one place with all location info.
Just select needed location, hit CMD+O and DT will open this location in new window, do your business with this rep and close it, leaving query window intact for further traveling.

Personally I don’t mind at all how it looks as long as it’s clearly recognizable.

I agree, it doesn’t matter how it looks, as long as I can recognize it visually.

Thanks @Silverstone for the code! This will be helpful.

The strike-through is great in general, however I sometimes can’t read the names easily. A way to temporarily toggle strike-through would be great.

Or even better: a preference that allows to set the default (i.e. strike-through or normal text) and a way to temporarily toggle the default.