Possible to convert a .pdf inside an imported email?

I am brand new to DT. Reading manuals and forums all day to understand and learn.

When I import mails from Apples Mail.app in to DT I can choose to import either the full mail WITH attachment or import them separately.

I prefer to import the message as a combo so I have “all in one” with same date etc. They don’t get separated that way.

Do I then loose my possibility to convert the .pdf inside the email to a searchable .pdf?

Is there a setting that automatically converts every single .pdf regardless of if it is inside an email or just I,ported bare to a searchable .pdf?

No, it’s not possible to convert a PDF to searchable PDF while it is an attachment in an email message via the Data > Convert > to searchable PDF command. It would be necessary to open the image-only PDF, save the file, then either Import it (e.g., with OCR if saved externally) or Convert it if captured to a database without OCR.

As the majority of PDFs likely to be received as email attachments or captured from the Web are already searchable, automatic OCR of all PDFs would be undesirable, as each generation of OCR would result in lower accuracy of text recognition.

DEVONthink distinguishes between searchable PDFs (Kind is PDF+Text) and image-only PDFs (Kind is PDF). A sortable Kind column can be added to a view or document window by using the menu command, View > Columns > Kind.


Thanks, answered my question.

Giving it a second thought, maybe It is better to actually decide manually what you want to make searchable.

In the end you would otherwise get far to many hits every time you search. So after some years it would rather defeat the purpose.

You are correct, over 85% of the attachments to my emails are already pdf+text meaning they are indexed and searchable when I received them and stays that way when I select “import message & attachment”.

However, I sort my imported emails after date created since I imported 17.000 last week they all have the same imported date.

But very often the creation date of the email and the attachment are different.

Is there another way except grouping the two files together, to get the together. Like merge them. I know I can convert them in to a rich text but that is a bit time consuming since I have to rename, delete the old etc.

So I want to merge the imported email with its searchable .pdf and give them the same created date.