Possible to correct OCR?

Is there a way to correct or delete words incorrectly “recognized” by the OCR, mainly in PDF’s?

I scan documents, using my Canon MX860, and often some (or many) of the words are incorrect. Oftentimes it won’t matter, but sometimes it will. I notice a particular problem with words starting with a capital “I” in a sans serif font: these often come out with an initial “L” instead–e.g., “Lnsured” instead of “Insured”. A search for “Insured” won’t find that document.

Not possible to directly edit an OCRd PDF in DTPO. Many scanned documents can be converted to RTF (Data > Convert > To Rich Text) that can then be edited or spell-checked. (Your original scanned PDF isn’t adjusted - just the RTF copy.)

An alternative is the “fuzzy” setting in search It can often overcome the bad-scan problem.