Possible to import Mail message without attachments (once)?

Hello. I just received an email I’d like to clip to DTPO, but it has 5 enormous attachments that I don’t want with the email in DTPO. Is it possible to do a one-off clip from Mail to DTPO without the attachments for this one message?


Linked attachments aren’t included by default.

Well, can you tell me how to un-select that option? I don’t remember choosing to always get attachments to emails, but I always have. Would be great to know where that option is.


I’m hoping I can get some help with this… No matter what I do, when I add an email message from Mail to DTPO, it includes all the attachments. I just clipped one email that was 45 mg of data, which I don’t want to have in my database.

It sounds like I shouldn’t be getting these attachments with the emails by default, but I am. Is that a setting? If not, is there a way to strip out the attachments once it’s been clipped to DTPO?


Sorry, I misspoke and talked to Development. The attachments are base64 encoded as part of the email, so they come through when you import it.

Ok, thanks.

Is this still the case with DT3 – that you can’t import an email without the attachments? If not, how about removing the attachments from the imported email? Sometimes I want the attachment as a separate item so I can see it in the View Pan and I can search it in the Search Inspector. Right now I often import the email and then import the attachments separately – but that of course doubles the space used, which I’d rather not do for huge files.