Possible to search within results?


I’m wondering whether it is possible to search within search results. For example, I’m trying to find mentions of the word “contingency” within files that have the word “art” in them, and it would be nice to have “contingency” be the only term that’s being displayed as I skim through the documents that appear in the search pane. In other words, the query “art OPT contingency” isn’t quite so ideal for me, because I end up clicking through loads of mentions of the word “art.” Just wondering if this is possible.

One way to do this, it seems, would be to create a smart folder for “art” and then search within that – is that the only possibility?

Highlighting of found occurrences is especially in PDF documents currently limited due to the used frameworks. But hopefully a future release will be able to work around this. In the meantime searching within smart groups is probably the best option.

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it.