Possible to set DB Inbox to "Always" Download?

Hello all,

This should probably be blindingly obvious by now - but I’ve had a look around, and I’m probably missing it.

One of my DBs is set to “On Demand”. A specific group(s) inside that DB, are set to “Always” download, which is how I want it. The latter is then set by calling up the Info pane, inside that/those groups.

My question is about that particular DB’s Inbox. I store files there temporarily, until I sort them (later), over in DTPO. Since they are usually ‘active’ files, that I’m working on - I would like to have them available on my phone as well.

When tapping on Info in the Inbox group, it lists it as a “Special Group”, and does not allow me the options regarding Always/On Demand downloads.

Am I correct in presuming that since it’s a Special Group, it is linked to the overall DB setting - at macro level - this either Always or On Demand, and I cannot set it granularly like the others?

[Edit:] BTW, and FWIW - DTTG2’s syncing, now that I have my head around most of it, has been rock-solid - and it certainly appears as if the syncing has been getting progressively quicker, and more reliable, as the updates have rolled out. Once again, congrats to the Devon team! 8) ]

Currently, no you cannot set it. However, there is an issue filed on it.

Thanks Jim!