Possible to share just one group via the web server?

Sharing via the built-in web server is great, but you get all the extraneous groups published (Mobile Sync, Tags, Trash, etc…)

It would be nice if you could share just a group: then you can put all your documents/subgroups within this one shared group, and have a much neater home page for users.



This isn’t possible right now. The only workaround is to use a dedicated database for sharing.

I already use a dedicated DB. The issue is that all the extraneous groups (Sync, Tags, Inbox, etc…) are also presented in the shared web-based DB.
If publishing a particular group or groups is not possible, how about an option to suppress sharing all the standard (extraneous) groups as noted above, and only the user-generated groups/documents?

A Kludge: Just copy the group(s) you wish to share into a new database, and share only that database. Don’t worry about the ‘extraneous’ groups in that database.