possible to subscribe to topic in forum?

The forum FAQ says,

I don’t see a “subscribe checkbox” in any topics.

Can I subscribe, to follow a thread, without posting to it?

No, from within the forum itself. That option is only available if your post a reply.

But yes, of course, you can create in a rich text note a clickable link to a topic of interest and periodically click on it to check for changes. I do that to identify threads of particular interest, such as a post of a script that I might find useful either directly or as a model for adaptation. I make such notes in a DT database, so that I can easily find them.

It is possible to subscribe to forums topics without posting to them-if you change your forum theme settings. Go into ‘User Control Panel’ click on the ‘Board Preferences’ tab and change ‘My board style’ from DEVONtech to prosilver. Submit the changes and then the following will appear in the lower-left corner of every topic.

Did that so long ago that I’d forgotten it has feature that the Dtech style (which is too narrow for my liking) doesn’t. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for this reply!

I also like the look of the forum better in this prosilver format.

You are welcome. I too greatly prefer the look of the prosilver theme.

This should be a sticky somewhere…