Post-scan dialog doesn't dismiss

After the scan and OCR steps, DT 2.9.14 doesn’t dismiss the dialog window in which you add document metadata. Neither the Save, nor the Cancel button will dismiss the window whereas clicking inside the window does. The dialog window functionality otherwise seems unimpaired. This is new since 2.9.14 update.

Thanks for the report! We are looking into this.


I’m having the same problem with 2.9.14. I use the software in a office and both 2.9.13 and 2.9.14 has some very bad software bugs :frowning:. One thing I would like is a link to older versions. I would like to go back to 2.9.12 or 2.9.11. (not 2.8 version)

Older versions don’t work any longer due to outdated provisioning profiles, the next maintenance release will fix this. In the meantime disable the option to enter metadata (see Preferences > OCR).