Potential bug on OCR pdfs in indexed group

I used OCR>to Searchable PDF, with “Move to Trash” enabled, on one/more pdf files (kind=PDF Documents) in an indexed group. After the process was completed, all OCRed pdf files (kind=PDF+Text) are displayed and named correctly in the indexed group, but I found that there are now two copies of each pdf file within the MacOS folder, one copy being the original pdf file, anther copy being the OCRed version and it has “-1” at the end of the filename (e.g. file.pdf and file-1.pdf).

I used the “Reveal” icon and saw that the files in the indexed group are linked to those files in the MacOS folder with “-1” at the end of filename.

I tried file>updated index items. After the process, I still saw one file in the group but two copies of the same files in the MacOS folder.

I then tried to empty the Trash in 3.0 beta. After the trash is emptied, all original files in the MacOS folder were deleted, and only those copies with “-1” remains. E.g., the file in the indexed group is displayed as “file.pdf” but the same file remains in the MacOS folder is displayed as “file-1.pdf”.

I tried to OCR single and multiple pdfs in different indexed groups, the behaviour is consistent.

As the original is still there (it’s only moved to the trash, not deleted), a suffix is necessary and appended to the filename of the converted docs. Emptying the trash removes the originals. To avoid this you could e.g. use a smart rule and the action OCR > Apply.

Thanks. I’ll try that.